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Who: Everyone
When: 2AM, July 7th
Where: Green Valley School
What: The Boss Rises
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Jul. 12th, 2017 12:45 am


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Who: Everyone
When: Midnight, July 7th
Where: Green Valley School
What: It is time
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Jul. 9th, 2017 01:20 am


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Who: Gladion and YOU
What: Catch-all for stuff before awakening happens
Where: Home, dojo, elsewhere
When: Last few days before awakening
Warnings: None as it stands

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Who: Armand Sauveterre (Augustine Sycamore) and any students and teachers!
When: Anytime this week before the Awakening
Where: Green Valley
What: Some of his daily activities before the Awakening as well some CR AU stuff! (aka Catch-All log)

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Who: Casimir Gutermuth (Kaltz) and anyone with a reason to be at his flower shop
When: July whatever
Where: Casimir's flower shop
What: Could be anything, but probs day-to-day things

[It's become harder to mind the flower shop. Not because of the flowers, nor the arranging thereof. There are enough memories of training there that that's still easy enough. It's the complete disconnect from this life. Knowing he was never human, despite being surrounded by humans - humans (Two-Canes) were long gone, but here they are.

Beyond that, the necessity of being on top of things daily... keeping up the basic needs of running a shop is nearly beyond his capacity. It's nothing that's complex in one half of his memories, but in the truer half, for who he really is, it's almost more than he can bear.

For anyone who knew him before Awakening, whether or not they realize he's Awakened, he's clearly become more distant and sadder.]
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Who: Ran + open!
What: Ran gets a little normal life in before Awakening. (Wanted to snag some of her pre-established CR and get some other CR before then!)
When: Week before the countdown ends
Where: Various

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Who: All these paranoid losers
What: After an alarming post on applenet that speaks of a compromised system, everyone deals with this as best they can: with heaps of paranoia.
Where: All over Eddan, presumably
When: The remaining seven days
Warnings: None planned but warn in your headers if it gets to that territory

For most, summer vacation is a blessed time, at least for those who attend the prestigious Green Valley. So much hard work that's put into the classes they attend must be rewarded with a wonderful break, and various apartments, homes, and the streets of Eddan itself are filled with the excited chatter of students who are enjoying the sweet summer air.

However, for a certain chosen few...

I see you. These are the words which might be weighing down on them heavily even as they attempt to go about their established lives, a gloom that even the brilliant sunshine can't block. For those who know the truth of Eddan, it's frightening to know that something like the dangerous Shadows they've seen might be coming for them while they're unprepared. For those who've had yet to Awaken, who are still new to all of this.... Perhaps they might be dismissing it, perhaps their lack of knowledge makes it all the more scary, but either way...

The question remains: what are they going to do in response?

[OOC: Consider this a mingle log for characters to play out how they're reacting to this latest shitshow. Not mandatory to use, just to help make it easier!]

[For Awakened characters, some things to keep in mind:
1 - It's been suggested for characters to pick up Control Tower to get fit
2 - They're on the lookout for somewhere outside the school apartments to meet up at since that makes it tricky for non-dorm students and also the adults
3 - Genda has let loose some sheep as identifying markers.]

[For non-Awakened characters, feel free to notice people carrying those sheep, if they indicate having them!]
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Who: Ran, Harley (and maybe Conan?)
What: The block feature might have blocked information, but not patterns. Harley knows his girlfriend's posts when he sees them, okay. They talk all the time.
When: May 20th, Afternoonish(?)
Where: Harley and Conan's home

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Who: Any and all Awakened characters
What: An invitation for a meeting of the Awakened in anticipation of the newest countdown.
When: June 23/24, especially during the latest applenet post
Where: Chikusa's school apartment at Green Valley
Other: Consider this a mingle log for all Awakened characters to talk freely about the newest batch on the app, the new countdown, and when they get their sweet new duds again!

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Who: Gabriel (Guts) and Kris Brent
What: Picking up your little brother from the hospital is a real pain when you trashed your car.
When: June 21st
Where: Eddan Public Hospital

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Who: CT Team, CT supporters, and anyone who happens to be sitting on the bleachers during practice
What: Tuesday Practice waits for no one.
June 20th
Where: Command Tower Arena

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Jun. 19th, 2017 01:15 am


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Who: Armand Sauveterre (Augustine Sycamore), Asher Guthermuth (Gladion), and Casimir Gutermuth (Kaltz)
When: June 19th
Where: A school classroom
What: A parent/teacher/student conference regarding one suddenly much more rebellious 14 year old

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Who: Kouyuki Jin (Shirou Fubuki) and "Michi Yamashita" (Yuuto Kidou)
When: June 13th
Where: The site of a recent "accident" ruled by authorities to have been a devastating house fire in Green Valley
What: Worried about his brother's recent behavioral changes, Kouyuki convinces "Michi" to go investigate the rumor of a ghost in Green Valley with him in hopes of being able to get him to open up.

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Jun. 16th, 2017 03:57 am


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Who: Jaune and Mako
What: Well. Awakening was definitely a thing. Time to stress bake
When: June 14th, after the morning after
Where: Jaune's House!

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Who: 2B/Bebe
What: BeBe attempts to recruit more people to her cause via the best medium of all, fliers!
When: The day after the battle in the park
Where: in the school courtyard after class is out.

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Who: Ciro/Chikusa Kakimoto, Takeshi Yamamoto, Soma, and Mukuro Rokudo
What: Chikusa tries to pretend he knows how to be a normal person.... after days of laying on a plant filled balcony. He's fine.
When: Backdated June 7th, and then June 11

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Who: Everyone
When: Morning, June 7th - June 13th
Where: Green Valley Orchards
What: Is it over?
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Jun. 4th, 2017 12:28 am


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Who: Everyone
When: Midnight, June 6th
Where: Green Valley Orchids
What: It is time.
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